Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How We Found Our Family

Our family had a streak of bad luck - beginning around June of 2015. It had been really rough. We lost a family member, then our mom got really sick three times, almost dying twice. Our brother had a big surgery, and our dad lost his job.

Needless to say they were all really sad.  Our mom especially.

As a family mom and dad had been talking about looking for two new family members – and really wanting kittens - little did we know that soon we would be joining our new forever  family and being loved so very much.

Mom met this really nice lady named Marilyn who is part of a really cool rescue program called 
Cats Cradle for orphans like my sister and I. Mom found me and my sister on their website.  She talk to dad and dad just wanted to make sure mom would be happy again. Mom and my brother came over to visit us, and as Mom says she fell in love with both of us at the same time.  Shortly there after mom and dad came to pick us up and went to our new home!

 Here’s a picture of me and Jane.  We like to eat, play and sleep.

Jane and Eleanor 

 Jane left and Eleanor right. 
 We love the crows nest 

 This is my favorite way to sleep – on my dad - Jane 

 This is me Eleanor – my tummy is full and I like to sleep on my mom 
 I love to hang out in the crows nest and I like to scare the hell out of my mom by jumping all the way down to the ground .

Ta da!! Introducing Eleanore and Jane!

Jane (we might just call her “J” ) is the more shy sort of cautious one. We named her from Stranger Things. She’s on the right.

Eleanore is of course Eleanore Roosevelt and she is very vocal the moment she’s picked up. We will call her “EL” or Ellie for short. She’s on the left.

In love ❤️❤️❤️