Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What we like and what we don’t.

We’ve been with mom and dad and our brother who we fondly refer to a big guy for almost 6 weeks. We were on our best behavior for about three days and then we knew that we were so cute family wouldn’t send us back to our foster family so we just decided to be ourselves.

So this is what we like-

Me- Eleanore likes to climb up on laps when I want to. In fact my go to phrase that I say is “I do what I want!” And I mean it. If you pick me up I don’t want to be picked up I’m going to tell you and then I’m gonna wiggle out of your arms. 

I also love plain yogurt, and pretty much any food for that matter. 
I love the fish, and I love to climb.
I love to go in the back of the television even though dad doesn’t like it when I go back there. 
I love my crows nest – that’s where I go to hang out and make all the world go away – I sleep up there a lot.
The dining room table is one of my favorite places to walk around even though I’m not supposed to be up there – I don’t really listen when people tell me no I just again do what I want.
I love the fishing pole – I love to play with it. I have another toy that has this ball on the outside and it goes around and around and I could play that for hours.
I also like to nap during the day and then party at night and ripped through the house as fast as I can and fly through the air.
I love my brother the big guy - I go up on his bed every chance I get and sometimes I’ll sit mom‘s lap but not very often I like the big guy better.
I’m totally into catnip but it makes me a little crazy.

Don’t tell my human parents but I love the water bottle.

Me -Jane loves to climb to the highest place in the house even though it scares mom to death.
I also love to sleep with my dad – but I only want to get up in his lap when he’s has the recliner all the way recliner with a blanket and then I cuddle up with him and stretch out like one big long dog.
I love having my belly rub by my dad.
Did I tell you that I love my dad – he’s  my person and even though he doesn’t believe it I love him the most in the house.
I also left the back of the television because of all the wires – even though dad gets after me and says no Jane! no! I just pretend I can’t hear him and I just play.
I like to walk on the backs of chairs along the counters and I can tell when moms coming down the hall – he always stops and picks me up and cuddles me and tells me she loves me and gives me a scratch behind the ears.
I like to go to my big brother big guy’s room and sleep on his bed with my sister.
I love walking across computers especially my brothers computer I know how to turn it off. 😂😂😂

I LOVE THE FISH.  But they don’t love me.

What we don’t like – and there’s not a lot of things we don’t like.  It what we don’t like we hate.

Loud noises bother us and scare us and send us running hide.

We HATE SHEBA cat food. It’s gross and disgusting.

We pretend we don’t like the water bottle but we really do – what we don’t like is when mom shakes it at us.
We don’t like being put in the bathroom at all.
We don’t like it when dad goes to bed – he doesn’t want to sleep with him in his room. So we sit outside of the store we cry until he opens the door – we know how to work the system.

We do not like being told no. The word no is not in our vocabulary. We don’t understand it. We don’t like it. End of story.

We do not like eyedrops. We do not like being wrapped up in a kitty burrito so we can’t get our arms out.
We don’t like it when our mom gets on the cell phone because she ignores us then.
We don’t like it when mom and dad won’t share their field with us even though it smells wonderful – we think that’s kind of rude.
We have a love-hate relationship with catnip because even though it taste good and smells good it makes us feel a little psychotic and crazy.

I think it’s time to go party talk to you later!

Love, Eleanor and Jane.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Great - We have four new babies in the house - and OH! I went to the doctor

Mom and dad came home with four new babies, what the heck!? This is what they got below -  and there are three of them just like that one, and there is this one fish that puts his face against the aquarium glass and just eats all the algae - Gross!

Mom and dad also got these clips that go on the side of the aquarium so I can’t ever play with the fish ever again. NOT FAIR!

To add insult to injury, I had to go to the doctor for a check up because I’m a baby, and they said I needed a baby well check. I feel great I don’t need to be checked out by any doctor but I had to go because mom made me. They took my temperature you know where and they didn’t even prepare me. I didn’t like it one bit. But after that unpleasantness I got to meet my doctor and he was really cool – he thought I was pretty cool, and he held me like a baby which I love, he rubbed my belly, and gave me medicine which I opened my mouth for because I’m cool that way.

I weighed 4.5 pounds and he says I have a lot of growing to do and I’m very calm and content – little does he know.  My family and the vet also thinks that I behave like a dog. Great.

Anyhow everybody in the family loves the stupid fish and they just make me agitated sometimes but I’ll get used to it I guess.  Nobody understands – I want to do is play with them and splash in the water but they won’t let me in.  So when I watch them they stick their tongues out at me – and yes fish have tongues, they give me the side I and they also taunt me.  Eleanor could care less about these fish but I care enough about them for the both of us.

I need to go take a nap because we have the alarm set for 11 o’clock that’s when we get to get up and party at least until one or two until we settle down and go to sleep again. Love, Jane

 And their names are really funny Curly, Larry and Moe -  and the suckerfish is named Trump, because - well he sucks .  That name was our dad’s idea. 😈😈😈

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dear Cyd {Fishus},

 I am writing you an official letter of apology.  Mom is very upset with me because I unintentionally almost killed you.  I do think it’s important however, that I get to tell my side of the story.

 As you can see you got a new house and it just looks so fun and inviting.  I watch you swim around all day and all I want to do is play with you.  I like to watch you from the back of the sofa and it’s almost as if you want me to come play with you.  Anyhow, the other night when you were swimming in and out of the plants mom was trying to read her book and I sort of accidentally knocked the top of your
aquarium lid off on the ground and just put my paws and arms in your tank just to play with you.

 Actually I was trying to hug you. No really.  I want to touch your blue fins because they’re so pretty.

See? Pretty fins.

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, or scare you – I just wanted to play.  But let me tell you, mom and dad had a cow especially mom.  I actually got the water bottle for that one, and my brother had to put a big brick on top of the aquarium because I just couldn’t help myself. No mom and dad said they’re going to buy locks because I’m just too tempted.

 But I really just wanted to say I’m sorry because well I naturally like fish and you’re pretty.  I think you would taste pretty darn good.

All my love, Jane.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

How We Found Our Family

Our family had a streak of bad luck - beginning around June of 2015. It had been really rough. We lost a family member, then our mom got really sick three times, almost dying twice. Our brother had a big surgery, and our dad lost his job.

Needless to say they were all really sad.  Our mom especially.

As a family mom and dad had been talking about looking for two new family members – and really wanting kittens - little did we know that soon we would be joining our new forever  family and being loved so very much.

Mom met this really nice lady named Marilyn who is part of a really cool rescue program called 
Cats Cradle for orphans like my sister and I. Mom found me and my sister on their website.  She talk to dad and dad just wanted to make sure mom would be happy again. Mom and my brother came over to visit us, and as Mom says she fell in love with both of us at the same time.  Shortly there after mom and dad came to pick us up and went to our new home!

 Here’s a picture of me and Jane.  We like to eat, play and sleep.

Jane and Eleanor 

 Jane left and Eleanor right. 
 We love the crows nest 

 This is my favorite way to sleep – on my dad - Jane 

 This is me Eleanor – my tummy is full and I like to sleep on my mom 
 I love to hang out in the crows nest and I like to scare the hell out of my mom by jumping all the way down to the ground .

Ta da!! Introducing Eleanore and Jane!

Jane (we might just call her “J” ) is the more shy sort of cautious one. We named her from Stranger Things. She’s on the right.

Eleanore is of course Eleanore Roosevelt and she is very vocal the moment she’s picked up. We will call her “EL” or Ellie for short. She’s on the left.

In love ❤️❤️❤️